Originally produced for professional sea-goers, many maritime navigation charts are based on the official data but tailored for yachting.

Everything from a vessel's movie library to power generation and distribution can be managed, monitored and maintained remotely from one or more consoles.

State-of-the-art voice and data communications technology available today allows access to email, position reporting, and weather updates.

You can use a single remote control to operate all of your AV components (and more).

When an owner or boat builder wants to use certain equipment, we install it, program it and test it to make sure the boat performs to our standards and their standards. From new builds to full refits, we can get you up and running with the latest and greatest equipment for any vessel.

There is nothing worse than investing money on something that does nothing to the value of your vessel. The knowledgable and skilled employees at Island Marine Electric deliver the highest quality installations to add automation for easier integration, for improved user-friendliness, fuel economy and high ROI.

Future Proof

As with everything in the marine sector, technology is constantly evolving and this is clearly evident in the yachting industry. Buyers appreciate having as many options as possible while having a system that is both compatible with current standards and also able to being compatible with equipment that is being developed for the future.