Island marine electric


Island Marine Electric is made up of a group of dedicated professionals that understand both the boating lifestyle and marine electric and electronics.
Our cumulative years of education, training and experience ensures the highest quality work aboard your vessel. Our team of individuals have been trained in the US Navy, US Air Force, various colleges and trade schools throughout the country. Our employees both understand and accept the fact that the owner, Greg Woods, is adamant about doing each project, job and task the correct way each and every time. He reminds us that our, and his, reputations and futures depend on the quality of our work. Each one of our employees is able and encouraged to provide feedback to management on the quality of work, methods and practices, and tools available to improve our already high standards. Many of our employees own their own boats and spend many leisure hours enjoying the adventures, excitement and relaxation boating provides. This knowledge is carried over into our professional lives as an aspiration to ensure our customers can get the maximum enjoyment out of their vessels with minimum problems.


Island Marine Electric has an arsenal of talent and experience in house, to ensure your electrical or electronics project is completed with the highest quality products and most effective means. Using a vessel-wide approach, we can design, build, install and service main electrical switchboards using any amount of automation our customers desire. From fully automatic, seamless transfer of electrical loads (where permitted), to load sharing, load shedding, preferential trips of non-critical equipment to fully mechanical means of transfers and load control. We can provide shore power conversion, emergency power generation, generator cycling and various power management options to suit each individual project. Our in house designers can also design the entire electrical system of a yacht based on the equipment required and the unique characteristics of the yacht. Main electrical panel, distribution panels and required levels of automation and remote controlling are all taken into account during the design phase. Once the design is approved by the vessel owner, the building of the switchboard and distribution panels begins as does the wiring aboard the vessel. Our electronics design teams can provide the navigation, vessel monitoring and control, entertainment and communications packages best suited to the vessel owner’s demands and preferences, and his intended use of the yacht.